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IS YOUR HORSE BUSINESS HARD WORK? Is your business running you?
Horse Riding Hub - Debbie Burgermeister has a mission to help other equine business owners into the future.  
With a huge passion to help beginner horse lovers and riders globally.
  • Do you have a flexible lifestyle?
  • Can you take time away from your business?
  • Are you tied to your phone and emails with customer enquiries?
  • Can your customers interact with your business 24/7 to make bookings?
  • Are you updating multiple systems to manage bookings, reminders, payments, email communications, events etc?


Expertise on offer from Horse Riding Hub and principal Debbie Burgermeister:

  • Admin/operational support from a lifetime horse expert/down to earth country girl with corporate and equine business management skills - simplify and systemise
  • Over 35yrs horse experience, 20yrs in the corporate world and 11yrs running my own horse riding centre
  • I know how to achieve cost and time efficiencies in a riding school with increased revenue
  • An easy 3 step process for beginners to start their horse riding journey - Education Resources, Member Value Benefits, Easy Booking System
  • A central booking system that can just refer to your business or integrate as your own
Sample of services:
  1. Free review of all your customer service needs 
  2. A REFERRAL booking system that can compliment your business by just referring to your business - FREE SET UP & 20% commission (includes all system and payment processing fees)
  3. A FULLY MANAGED booking system that is managed for you that can be integrated as a page into your website - FREE SET UP & 20% commission (includes all system and payment processing fees)
  4. A SELF MANAGED booking system you have complete control of the backend system functionality, booking tabs and website pages with support on hand - $399 set up fee plus monthly system and support from $199/mth


Take the plunge with your equine customer service fairy today by emailing or fill out the form below....


Please provide detailed information about your products, services, conditions and requirements for set up

- Any forms that customers need to print and sign can also go to an online signature verify tool

Manual approval will allow you to decline if your spots are full. You can also update us anytime with your availability.

If Horse Riding Hub is 100% managing your availability and bookings then you could have them automatically confirmed as the system is addressing all your requirements for date/time/min/max numbers/weight/age etc

Manual online booking requests can take full payment details but not charged until booking approved/confirmed

Please detail pricing information.

- Any preferred deposit rule process?

- Any term package rates (can be offered as a total price for a saving OR customer can select so many lesson dates to receive a promo code at checkout for a discount)

PRICING options with Horse Riding Hub Membership can offer value with member benefit promoted on your booking page only if you wish.

**If people join as a Horse Riding Hub member they can then receive a special promo code to receive 18% discount on a single lesson and also if you want 26% off bulk advance purchase lessons (min4) (make sure your prices allow for this minus our 20% commission) (maybe an opportunity to do a price rise but provide value benefits)

**with their membership they receive learning ebooks, saddlery discounts, a $30 gift voucher and a voucher to spend up to $75 on their lesson when booked with you (you receive your 80% commission on your lesson as normal)

For a safer start to horse riding